The Story

palpaldal is the net nick of Nuruzzaman Sheikh, who is a geek, a disruptive and an entrepreneur. He started playing with computers from his 9th grade at the age of 13 in 2002. Since then computer, computing systems and technologies are his love and passion.

Over time, his passion turned into profession, and started freelance web & graphic designing and web development from 2008. Beside he enjoyed writing some in-depth tutorials on graphic designing and web development for tutsplus.

His beloved platform was Flash and ActionScript as he wanted to establish his career on online game development industry. But with the birth of the HTML5 and the death of the Flash platform and ActionScript he had to say goodbye to his love to embrace new shining possibilities of web with HTML5.

He started his small design and development studio in 2011 and named it after his long known net nick “palpaldal”. Since then he is working for startups and companies around the globe, with great teams such as Ansell, Appster, Banco Maxima, Coinzone, Dubit, Maluuba, Marketfy and WellCaster. His works got featured in Designmodo, InVision, TechCrunch, UXPin and a lot of other sites.

The Approach

French fries are actually deep-fried thin strips of potatoes. That’s it, keeping ideas and awesomeness simple and real is the point.

Products are the tools of its users. It has no relation with the businesses and or person(s) produce or work behind it round the clock to keep it alive and usable. It’s the users’ thing and belongs to them. Putting the user at the point of a product planning and designing is the only real key of success.

UI/UX Design

Real beauty is not the looks but the thoughtful combination of layout, state logic, behavior and performance of an interface.

It is the users, the ultimate consumer of a product. Putting the user in the center of the design and app flow is the key to a perfect user experience design. A brand is as successful as its users; after users we put holistic approach to brand the product so it’s distinctive, memorable and special.

Frontend Development

Current web requires intensive care and practices to code and serve up the contents so they’re stable and accessible in bizarre conditions and mediums.

The most challenging and innovative part of the web is the frontend, as everything else relies on it. Clean reusable codes with the latest stable beauty of HTML5 and CSS3 with some hacks (sometimes) is our fav. And the true skills shine in the JavaScript part named jQuery and Angular now a days.

WordPress Development

WordPress was used by more than 23.3% of the top 10M sites as of January 2015. It is the ultimate choice of mid-range websites and web lovers.

We finally switched to WordPress after developing great websites with other PHP frameworks over the years. Because we felt we really love WP and its simplicity with robust customization capabilities. We have the solid approach and follow the standard to develop secured and high-performed sites.

Some Lovely Clients

All projects and clients are equally important and adorable.