Hello world!

  • By Sheikh Nuruzzaman

Welcome to the new home of palpaldal studio. I’m really happy to finally release a complete studio site with detailed “case studies” and additionally short portfolios for relatively small and sweet projects. Now you can quickly see my approaches and efforts behind each project. Most importantly I’m also going to regularly write on designing, coding and IoT.

My recent portfolio site was never completed to its original plan due to time constraints. It was serving some basic information for around 10 months. Also I had completed this new site’s design in last January but never got a chance to complete it due to regular client’s projects.

Anyway finally, it’s now online and I’ve completed all the details as per plan and will keep adding more interesting case studies over time. And off-course will try my best to write regularly on designing, coding and IoT.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my very first post on my new site.

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