A comprehensive set of web tools to create online video campaigns.

Branding, Product Design & Frontend

October, 2014 for VideoEngage

The Concept

A set of online tools to easily create branded custom campaigns and ads with videos, then embed videos in websites and or share with others through plugins or links. And a detailed real-time analytics to track campaigns’ performances and lead generations. Some of the campaign types are Lead Capture, Poll, Social Sharing and Vid-Side Popout.

The Approach

The tools were the most critically important and complex part of the product which help users to create their campaigns. The goal was to keep the campaign creating tools simple and lean. And ensure a unified experience for various devices as the site should perform at its best on various devices beside desktops.


A simple logo mark to clearly signify video and growth, which is the core value of the product. The overall designs were intentionally kept light and lean, to visually minimize the complexities of the tools.

Word Board

  • marketing
  • campaign
  • clean
  • play
  • sale
  • social
  • share
  • conversion
  • analytics
  • blue
  • SaaS
  • video
  • forms
  • polls
  • links
  • simple
  • quick
  • soft
  • growth
  • professional
  • easy
  • trustable
  • performant
  • possibility

The Logo


Soft and harmonious colors help keep the interface and tools lean and clean


One of the finest fontface for interface type with legit readability.


UI Elements

Carefully chosen UI elements and their logical grouping help simplify the tool and its regular usage.

VideoEngage UI Elements

App Screens

Some web app screens.

VideoEngage Dashboard VideoEngage Add Video VideoEngage Stats