A solid Twitter marketing automation tool helps individuals and businesses acquire real and targeted audiences.

Branding, Product Design & Frontend

February, 2015 for Zeek L.L.C.

The Concept

Zeek is a Twitter marketing tool, helps businesses acquire real and targeted twitter audiences which help them grow and strengthen their businesses, campaigns and earn more profits. Twitter has strong marketing opportunities for businesses and individuals of all sizes and shapes. And Zeek helps their client reaching and building the right Twitter audiences by using a lot of real man-hours.

The Approach

Zeek is a simple project and therefore puts a unique challenge to be more creative and focused to ensure everything has been crafted, carefully. So, the end product is usable and interesting for people to use and get benefited from.


The real branding intention was to give users a beautiful, simple and futuristic SaaS product experience through its design and easy to use responsive web tools.

Word Board

  • marketing
  • twitter
  • tweets
  • volume
  • reach
  • potential
  • campaign
  • express
  • growth-hack
  • tools
  • follow
  • followers
  • following
  • growth
  • customers
  • relationship
  • connect
  • SaaS
  • networking
  • sale
  • social
  • share
  • application
  • easy
  • quick
  • reliable
  • profitable
  • conversion

The Logo

A simple, tech savvy and futuristic word-mark logo.


Mutually-exclusive secondary color palettes define the visual layout, structure and add greater readability.


A set of great matching fonts which are futuristic, readable, fine at small text sizes and harmoniously fit together.

Exo 2 Fonts Mandali Font Helvetica Neue Fonts

UI Elements

Perfect carvings of rounded shapes, plenty of whitespaces and beautiful colors and off-course the futuristic fonts are the real treasures of the interface elements. And it’s a pleasure to use and interact with.

Zeek UI Elements

App Screens

Zeek landing page and some random app screens.

Zeek Landing Page Registration Form Account Stats Start New Campaign Form